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We will!
Somewhere, someday,
We'll fly away
In our quest for dreams,
Pursuing gardens of magic Jasmines.
In their scent we will drown
And breath the smiles of a new day,
Up high, in our hearts,
Somewhere, someday.
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Deep inside the fire,
Within our soul,
We'll find the truth
To, finally, reach the Skye.
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Don't Stop
If we keep on walking,
Marching towards sunset,
There will be
A morning for us to see,
Brighter than before,
Warmer than ever. We'll be,
Truly, what we're meant to be...
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It's gonna rain.
The clouds are clearing out.
The sun comes down.
It's pouring now,
Within my heart
For, you are not here;
I can't see the smile in your face
Or reach your embrace...
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Someone Else
There's more to the story.
Beyond the tears and the sorrow,
You'll meet, in your eyes,
Your ray of light,
Your sunshine.
Even if weakened...
Wake up,
Even if dreaming...
For that very reason!
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Eye Training Pen by Bobbyamazaki Eye Training Pen :iconbobbyamazaki:Bobbyamazaki 5 1 WP 20161217 22 01 36 Pro by Bobbyamazaki WP 20161217 22 01 36 Pro :iconbobbyamazaki:Bobbyamazaki 4 0
What happened?
The dreams I've dreamed of,
Where have I lost them?
The kisses that we shared,
With whom do you share them with?
The love that I felt,
Where will I find it again?
The thoughts that were here,
Where have they gone to?
The faith...
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Eye Training #38 (In Progress) by Bobbyamazaki Eye Training #38 (In Progress) :iconbobbyamazaki:Bobbyamazaki 6 0
- Look me in the eye, now!
- No! I don't want to know!
- Just come closer, I'll make my vow!
- I just want to leave. I wanna go!
- No, you don't. Don't let
 the pain talk. Don't fret!
 You know you're not alone.
 What you want is a place to call home.
- But I don't have such a thing,
 there's always something missing
 My heart is broken,
 for, the words that were never spoken,
 keep on coming back,
 just handing me a pack
 of emotions never felt.
- Those emotions were just misspelt
 for such a long time
 that they no longer rhyme
 with the beating of your heart
 so, please, don't make yourself depart.
- But everything inside was thorn apart
 and there's no way I can make an upstart.
 I'll never rise again
 over the shadows; the pain!
- You will if you don't quit on life,
 if you don't panic on every strife
 you encounter.
 I am here, forever your partner!
 "It's ok, I'm here".
:iconbobbyamazaki:Bobbyamazaki 3 0
Why can't you agree?
In this lonely path, the apogee,
I've chosen to be
in, there's not much else to see
but what's inside of me.
So I walk, trying to flee,
scared that my heart is absentee.
I fall down, cut off the tree
that holds all, in my own decree.
Running low, what is my degree?
What is it that I can't foresee?
Where have I left the key
to the love I wanted to set free?
I believe I left it in your eyes, in thee,
the brightest of the brightest sea.
And now I'm here, God, on my knee,
begging you, please, let me be your releasee.
:iconbobbyamazaki:Bobbyamazaki 3 2
A Sonnet to Myself
I don't know why I write anymore,
If it's to cure my own sore,
Or just to put my feelings in place,
All those old things I don't wanna face.
I just keep writing, rambling on.
Trying to find my place in the world
I put, one after the other, another word,
But always asking myself: where am I from?
Will I keep hiding,
Or will I stand up
And keep on fighting?
I think I'll speak up
The songs my heart sings
And see what else the world brings.
(I hope it's love...)
:iconbobbyamazaki:Bobbyamazaki 3 5
Maybe I'm right,
but maybe I'm so very far from there,
maybe I'm wrong...
But you know,
I'll keep on walking down this road of mine,
where the bricks are painted with so many smiles...
And they shine,
deep down inside this heart of mine,
they never stop,
but that's only 'cause
I keep on walking
this road of mine...
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I write and I speak,
God, I always pray for the weak.
Those who know not of the good
are not, what's called: freaks.
They only have not felt the mood
of the world, truly, of god.
But, friend, fear not,
cause we're here to untie the knot
and free, no only them, but ourselves.
Get up,
take the book from your shelves.
Speak up!!...
for the weak!
Break up,
for it is us who speak
in the name of everything,
everyone in need.
We gotta do something,
come on, let's heed...
the call.
Please, god, let us not fall
from your eternal grace.
Let us simply pace...
in peace.
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"One day, you were taken away from me, disappeared"
For every day i have loved you i'll steal a grain of sand,
and when all the beaches cease to exist,
for every hour i have loved you,
i'll take a drop of water from the sea
and put it away, away.
And when all the rivers and all of the sea
ain't there anymore,
for every minute i have fallen for you,
that i have this feeling
i will...
i will collect every atom from the air that we breath
from all living things.
Oh, for every second that i
have loved you my darling
i'm gonna search each corner of the universe for every light that can reach my heart
and keep it inside
and feel if it matches your heart, your soul.
And i'm gonna search, forever and ever
until the day that we can meet again,
my love.
:iconbobbyamazaki:Bobbyamazaki 3 0
What happens when you try to catch a star??
Will it fall, landing in your hand?
Or will you just fly
Through The sky,
Reaching out,
With your hands up high??
Oh, the stars,
Mysterious beings of The sky,
That gives us hope on the days, oh so dark.
What happens when you try to catch a star?
Will your feet get away from The ground
Lifting you up,
Your wings on your face,
Showing through your smile?
Or will you stay,
Feet down,
Head high
And hands...
Oh...hands...losing strength,
barely standing...??
Oh, stars,
Stars in The sky,
Way, way up high,
Bring me light
Bring me smiles.
Bring me Love,
Give me wings
So I can, finally,
Overcome my fears,
And put away my tears...
Do you know what happens when you try to catch a star?
With all your strength, all your might?'ll grow your wings
And then...up high,
Flying in The big black sky,
You'll smile
And share your light,
Becoming, yourself,
Your own bright star.
:iconbobbyamazaki:Bobbyamazaki 2 0



Bobbyamazaki's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm just a guy who loves to write all kinds of stuff, but mainly poetry.
I've been trying to learn how to draw as well, and it's been super fun...^.^/
Hey, I have been wanting to challenge myself with my writing and, at the same time, working on expanding my english vocabulary. I was thinking, and there's this thing I do with friends, where I ask them a random number of words, any words, and then try to write something with those words (but in Portuguese...which is my native language), and I have tons of fun doing so.
Then, I was wondering if anyone that watches me wants to challenge me with, for starters, 5 words in english, so I can try and write something, I would be very, very happy to try it.
If you're interested, comment the words on this journal and I'll reply with what I could write off of it.
Also, for those who write and want to be challenged as well, let me know in the comments and I'll be very happy to challenge you with 5 words as well...
And thanks in advance for the attention and, if so, interest too...^.^/


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